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Edson Jorge Francisco

Software Engineer and Systems Administrator at Equip Mozambique.

👉 edsonjorgef1@icloud.com || edson@equipmoz.org

Skills & Qualifications

Tech stack

Software Development, DevOps, AGILE
PHP, Javascript, LAMP, Postman
Laravel, Livewire, jQuery, JSON
Quasar Framework, VueJS
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS), Windows

Work History


05/2019 - Present

Currently working on Associação Empoderando Mocambique (Equip Mozambique) in Beira, Sofala, Mozambique.
Building out digital solutions to breaking the cycles of poverty by educating, equipping, and empowering godly Mozambican leaders to transform their nation.

  • Microsoft 365 User Administration (Azure Portal, MS Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Office365 and other services)
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps (Administration and Development Teams)
  • Web Application Configuration in production environments (CI/CD)
  • Monitoring of Websites, Systems and Online Services
  • Analysis, Investigation and Troubleshooting of applications in production environment
  • WordPress Site Development
  • Database Administrator
  • API Development
  • Development, deployment and monitoring of Websites and Web Applications
  • Cloud Server and System Management
  • Supervision of Local Network Infrastructure
  • Monitoring of Online Sites and Systems
  • Supervision of Time and Task Management

02/2022 - 07/2022

Collaborated in the development of vacancies management system platform called 'Djobar'. The system designed to help on reliably advertise of job offers in Mozambique.
Some features:
- Where the candidate receives the best job offers by Email or SMS.
- Putting all aspects of technology at the service of candidates and companies, making the job search process faster and more dynamic.
- Helping professionals by assisting them in the creation of their CV and contributing to the increase of their qualifications and enrichment of their skills.
- Helping companies find the most capable professionals, with the right profile based on the desired characteristics.

  • Code review of project developed with Laravel, Javascript & Bootstrap
  • Identifying, fixing bugs and improving situations related to security issues
  • Maintenance and enhancement of platform source code
  • Implementation of Email and SMS Notifications (TWILLIO Messaging Integration)
🚧 INTERN | ENSYS (Enterprise System and Development)

10/2018 - 11/2018

Worked as intern in the Department of GPS Tracking Control and Video Surveillance for a 1 month period.

🚧 IT FREELANCER | Self-Employment

01/2017 - 04/2019

Worked as Freelancer in repair and maintenance of computers.

Professional Achievements

2019 - Development and Maintenance of the website for an govern entity - Dondo City Council containing digital solution such as Virtual City Office with many advantages:
  • Saving time and costs for the people with constant physical presence in the municipality
  • Request services and get answers in a short period of time
  • Reduces the risk of exposure to COVID-19

Personal Projects & Accomplishments

2022 - Participation in the Hackability4Moz Hackathon organised by UEM (Eduardo Mondlane University), with 2 different projects:
- KUKANELA, Android application designed to learn sign language, and help communicate with hearing impaired people in schools, colleges and other places.
- W11P, a simple Web plugin that aims to help disabled people to interact with the content available on the page through voice commands, to know the content of the page, read the texts and navigate the website.

🥈 2021 - Second place winner on the 2nd edition of #HACK Beira Hackathon from Indigitous with "DONANTE" project (Marketplace concept to connect Donors, Institutions, and People with real needs idealized by World Vision).

🥇 2020 - First Place winner on the 1st edition #HACK Beira Hackathon from Indigitous with Best Technology and Innovation award with the with the solution in development "C- YANGA" (My Church App)

2020 - Participation in MIT COVID19 Challenge Hackathon: Africa takes on COVID19.

2019 - Participation in the VIII Scientific Journeys at Zambeze University, with the presentation of Metamorphose Gymnasium System.

2018 - Participation in the VII Scientific Journeys at Zambeze University, with the mobile app Moz+Saude, to share public health information and to encourage blood donation.